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Originally printed in the Switzer Report dated 7 February 2019, Ryan Sohn, divulges his current favourite stock pick, Redbubble (ASX:RBL). What’s the stock? Redbubble (ASX:RBL). Redbubble is an online print-on-demand marketplace connecting artists and consumers. Artists are able to design their art, which can then be printed...

Can you capture the revolution in new technologies such as electric vehicles, the roll out of the 5G network or the rise of the internet of things investing in the ASX? Of course. Revasum manufactures a portfolio of precision solutions that are integral to the manufacturing...

I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days travelling throughout the United States, visiting 5 different States, undertaking company visits. It was a jam-packed trip filled with site tours, company and analyst meetings and of course many flight changes and delays. Along with learning about and...