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Wealth Defender

Wealth Defender’s investment strategy is to actively manage a portfolio of shares throughout market cycles, with the aim of enhancing long term performance outcomes by maximising returns when markets rally and reducing the magnitude of significant losses when markets fall


The portfolio invests in a portfolio of long only positions in listed (or soon to be listed) large and small cap Australian shares using a bottom up, value-style investment process and utilises a range of asset allocation, derivatives strategies and cash investments to cushion the impact of market falls. From time to time, the portfolio may hold investments in securities and derivatives in offshore markets.


We aim to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian shares and using protection strategies to dynamically protect the portfolio through market cycles, thereby reducing the magnitude of significant negative returns in sharply falling equity markets.

Investor Profile

Investors with a long term time horizon, seeking exposure to an Australian equities portfolio that provides some protection against significant negative returns.

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Risk/Return profile


Returns achieved mainly through

Growth and Income

Income distribution

Half yearly

Min. recommended investment period

5 years

Minimum investment


Minimum added investment


Performance fee


Franking credit level (%)

FY18 – 37.1
FY17 – 0.0
FY16 – 105.4
FY15 – 41.7

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