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Smaller Companies

The Perennial Value Smaller Companies Trust was the winner of the 2018 Professional Planner I Zenith Fund Awards within the Australian Equities Small Cap category.


The portfolio invests in a range of smaller listed companies predominantly outside the ASX top 100 Index which Perennial Value believes have sustainable operations and whose share price offers good value. The cornerstone of this approach is a strong emphasis on company research. The aim is to develop a detailed understanding of each company before committing investors’ funds. The portfolio will hold in the range of 30 to 60 stocks. Typically, the portfolio holds, on average, approximately 50 stocks.


We aim to grow the value of your investment over the long term via a combination of capital growth and by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian small cap shares predominantly outside the S&P/ASX 100 Index, and to provide a total return (after fees) that exceeds the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index measured on a rolling three-year basis.

Investor Profile

Investors with an investment horizon of five years or more, who are seeking exposure to a portfolio of smaller ‘value oriented’ companies listed (or soon to be listed) on the ASX, whose capitalisation exceeds $50 million at the time of purchase.

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31 Dec 2020

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Risk/Return profile


Returns achieved mainly through


Minimum investment


Franking credit level (%)

FY18 – 32.5
FY17 – 35.1
FY16 – 113.6
FY15 – 36.1
FY14 – 32.4
FY13 – 162.0
FY12 – 75.6
FY11 – 21.3

Income distribution

Half yearly

Min. recommended investment period

5 years

Minimum added investment


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The Professional Planner | Zenith Fund Awards are determined using proprietary methodologies. Fund Awards were issued October 5, 2018 and are solely statements of opinion and do not represent recommendations to purchase, hold or sell any securities or make any other investment decisions. Fund Awards are current for 12 months from the date awarded and are subject to change at any time. Fund Awards for previous years are referenced for historical purposes only.