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Private to Public Opportunities

The award winning Perennial Value Small & Microcap team, led by Andrew Smith has launched a new strategy – the Perennial Private to Public Opportunities Fund, exclusively available to Wholesale Investors only.


The Perennial Private to Public Opportunities Fund is a wholesale unit trust that will invest in unlisted and listed companies over a five year period, with the aim to generate an absolute return for investors above a hurdle rate. The Fund will be managed by Perennial Value Management.


The objective of the Fund is to generate superior, absolute returns, above a hurdle rate, from an actively managed portfolio of 30-45 unlisted growth capital, pre-IPO investments and IPOs and placements.

Key details of the strategy

• Investment Vehicle: Unlisted wholesale unit trust
• Fund Term: 5 years
• Target Fund Size: Minimum AUD50 million to Maximum AUD100 million
• Minimum Investment: $100,000
• Redemption: The Fund is subject to a lockup for the Fund Term
• Distribution: Annual distribution of realised gains
• The Fund opened on the 3rd July and closed on the 16th of August 2019

Investor Profile

Wholesale investors with a minimum investment of $100,000

Quarterly Commentary
Information Memorandum
Welcome letter

Private to Public Opportunities

Risk/Return profile


Income distribution


Minimum investment


Min. investment period

5 years