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Perennial Better Future

Next generation, authentic ESG investing

Perennial Better Future is part of the next generation of authentic ESG investors – focussed on investing in companies that are making a positive contribution to a better future while generating strong, consistent returns for investors.

We invest in a Better Future

We are passionate about making a positive contribution to the development of society and the environment. With a long history of uncovering investment opportunities within the Australian marketplace, this strategy demonstrates you do not have to sacrifice returns while investing in a better future. ESG analysis and company engagement are core to our strategy and ethos, with the understanding that both can mitigate company risks and drive a company’s performance. With a large and highly experienced team dedicated to finding opportunities, we focus on investments embracing sustainability tail winds, often with strong global growth drivers, to deliver you strong and consistent returns.

Better Future

The Perennial Better Future Trust is an authentic ESG focussed fund that invests in smaller and mid-cap companies that are positively shaping a better future, with a focus on generating strong financial returns for our investors.

eInvest Better Future Fund

The Better Future Strategy is also available as an active ETF via the eInvest Better Future Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:IMPQ)

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