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Perennial Smaller Companies

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Investment excellence in Small and Microcap Australian shares

With one of the largest and most diverse teams of investment professional in the market we seek out investment opportunities across a large universe.

Seeking growing companies outside the ASX Top 100 that are attractively priced

Our process utilises internal bottom up detailed company research and combines this with a value discipline in portfolio construction. Our Trusts aim to generate excess returns over a 3-5yr timeframe with a diverse portfolio of approximately 60 positions. Our portfolios are actively managed reflecting both the best bottom up research ideas and macro economic considerations in the portfolio mix.

Smaller Companies Trust

The Perennial Value Smaller Companies Trust has sought out excess returns using a disciplined value process since its establishment in 2002.

Microcap Opportunities Trust

The Microcap Opportunities Trust invests in a range of listed and unlisted companies predominantly comprised of small and microcap stocks which we believe have sustainable operations and whose share prices offer good value.

Global Resources

The Perennial Global Resources Trust invests in a range of listed and unlisted companies operating in the business of commodity production, commodity investment or in businesses servicing the commodity production sector.

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