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SIV Funds

Significant Investor Visa (SIV) funds

The SIV program is an initiative by the Australian Government to provide a boost to the Australian economy and an opportunity for high net worth investors looking to migrate to Australia. The purpose of the visa is to provide a boost to the Australian economy and to compete effectively for high net worth individuals seeking investment migration. Significant Investor Visa (SIV) holders are required to invest AUD 5 million into complying significant investments for a minimum of four years before being eligible to apply for a permanent visa.

The following funds satisfy the eligibility requirements and qualify as complying investments according to the SIV Complying Investment Framework, developed by Austrade. Please note that this information is only relevant to people that have submitted their SIV applications post 1 July 2015.

SIV Complying Managed FundsAPIR codeSIV Complying Framework (post 1 July 2015)
Smaller CompaniesIOF0214AUBalancing Investment
Microcap OpportunitiesWPC3982AUEmerging Investment
Australian SharesIOF0200AUBalancing Investment
Shares for IncomeIOF0078AUBalancing Investment
Australian Shares WholesaleIOF0206AUBalancing Investment

Investors applying under the SIV program will need to contact us to request a signed 1413D form to declare SIV compliance as part of their application.

For more information please contact a client service representative on 1300 730 032 or