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A summer abroad

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Marni Lysaght -web

Marni Lysaght, Equities Analyst, Perennial Value

As much as I enjoy working, I really look forward to going on holidays. I will be spending the summer period travelling in India and Europe.

My close friends have invited me to their (multi-day) wedding celebration in Kolkata before Christmas. I really look forward to attending this having admired Indian weddings from afar, particularly during my youth when watching films such as ‘Bend It Like Beckham’. Kolkata will also provide me with insights into India’s history as my friends and I will be visiting the Victoria Memorial and the Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity, which showcases the positive contribution of Mother Teresa to the city and peace.

As much as I enjoy working, I really look forward to going on holidays.

I will be spending most of my time away in Europe, catching up with friends in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Belgium, as well as touring Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic solo. It also looks like I will be meeting with various industry experts in London who specialise in responsible investment, which I feel is a great opportunity to build my knowledge of ESG. In particular, I am looking forward to spending Christmas on the slopes with a close friend and her family in Lenzerheide, a ski and mountain resort in Switzerland. My friend and her family are Dutch and experiencing Dutch Christmas traditions and food will be the cherry on top (and also a contrast to the Australian Christmas traditions I relish most years).

In terms of reading, I often purchase books (yes, old fashioned hardcover books) and only ever get halfway through them as I end up neglecting them on weekends in favour of a company’s Annual Report or thematic research pieces published by sell-side analysts. This is simply a job hazard. Nonetheless, when I step onto the many long flights ahead of me in a few weeks, I plan on finishing Geoffrey Robertson’s autobiography, ‘Rather His Own Man’, which I purchased at Sydney Airport ahead of a trip earlier in the year. I tend read autobiographies for leisure given the (often colourful) insight provided into someone else’s life and their perspective on various periods in history over time.

I will be back a few weeks before Reporting Season and have high conviction that my exposure to the many art galleries and museums I will visit, as well as different cultures I will experience, will provide me with a fresh perspective to analysing investments.

Thanks for supporting Perennial during the year and I wish you all a safe and happy summer holidays.


Marni Lysaght is an equity analyst at Perennial Value. She is responsible for small and microcap stocks, and is passionate about ESG analysis. You can find the output of her work here:

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