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Future of Healthcare

Provides wholesale investors with the opportunity to invest with a highly experienced healthcare team investing to generate long term capital growth from investments that enhance health and wellbeing.


The Future of Healthcare Fund makes targeted investments in health services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, health IT, life sciences companies that seek to significantly impact clinical outcomes worldwide, this potential ultimately drives the financial returns for the Fund’s investors


Primary objective: To generate long-term capital growth from providing strategic capital investment to address key issues of an ageing population, rise of chronic disease, disability, mental health and wellbeing.

Non-financial purpose: To enhance health and wellbeing via investment in preventative and remedial healthcare services and health associated businesses and assets.

Investment Strategy

The Fund intends to have two primary allocations that are aligned with the Fund’s investment objective (including investments relating to the health, retirement and aged care sectors):

  • Venture capital and private equity – predominantly growth investments in innovative businesses; and
  • Listed equities – investments in domestic and international companies.

The Future of Healthcare Fund comprises a stapled security of either Ordinary, Class A or Wholesale units in two managed investment schemes; Australian Unity Future of Healthcare Fund No. 1 and Australian Unity Future of Healthcare Fund No. 2 (collectively the ‘Fund’).

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