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Better Future products classified as ‘Sustainable Plus’

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Perennial Better Future is pleased to announce that the Perennial Better Future Trust and the Perennial Better Future Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: IMPQ) have been classified as Sustainable Plus under the new RIAA Sustainability Classifications Initiative.

RIAA launched the Sustainability Classifications initiative which introduces three classifications: Responsible, Sustainable, and Sustainable Plus.

The classifications differentiate RIAA certified funds based on their responsible investment approaches, claims, processes, stewardship programs and disclosures. They focus on the approach that funds take in considering ESG factors and the degree to which sustainability is addressed or targeted.

A ‘Sustainable Plus’ classification is the highest of the three classifications. It signifies that a product meets all the criteria of the Responsible Investment Standard for its product category; its sustainability objectives (as defined by RIAA) are clearly stated in legal documentation; investment selection and ownership activities align with stated sustainability objectives; and performance against one or more stated objectives and/or targets is tracked and reported.

Perennial Better Future products have already been certified as a Responsible Investment Product under RIAA’s program, and the new classification program builds on RIAA’s Responsible Investment Certification Program which provides product differentiation, global interoperability and enhances confidence and trust for consumers.

You can read more information about the classifications here.

You can view our RIAA product pages on the Responsible Returns website here and here.