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Perennial Microcap Opportunities Trust added to IOOF Pursuit Platform

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Advisor Voice

The Perennial Value Microcap Opportunities Trust has been added to the IOOF Pursuit platform, providing investors with access to some of Australia’s fastest growing companies.
The Trust invests in a range of listed and unlisted companies comprised of small and microcap stocks which the fund manager believes has sustainable operations and whose share prices offer good value.

Since its inception on 1 February 2017 to 31st December 2018, the Trust has delivered an annualised return of 24.3%, net of fees, outperforming the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index by 18.0% and a cumulative return of 51.6%.

Perennial Value Management Head of Smaller Companies and Micro Caps, Andrew Smith, said having the Trust included on the platform’s investment menu would provide investors with more opportunities to access Perennial Value’s microcap strategy.

“We are pleased that a growing number of investors will now be able to access our Trust. We see vast opportunities in the microcaps sector to unearth investment opportunities that are missed by the broader market,” said Mr Smith.

“The cornerstone of the fund’s approach is a strong emphasis on company research – we aim to develop a detailed understanding of each company before committing investors’ funds,” he said.

“The strategy also has a strong focus on early stage companies which are growing earnings strongly, and can provide important diversification for investors in tough market conditions.”

The Perennial Value Microcap Opportunities Trust has received a ‘Recommended’ rating from both Lonsec and Zenith. The Trust is also available on Asgard, BT Wrap, Macquarie Wrap, BT Panorama, Hub24, NetWealth, Mason Stevens and uXchange platforms.

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