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At this years Perennial Value and Daintree Capital Investment Day, Andrew Smith - Portfolio Manager discussed where he and his team have found new opportunities in unlisted and pre-IPO stocks within the Microcaps and Small Caps sector of the market. ...

At this years Perennial Value and Daintree Capital Investment Day, Damian Cottier - Portfolio Manager spoke about the importance of sustainable investing. Over $860 billion is being invested in Australia with regard to board ESG principles and the latest figures have shown how this has grown...

At this years Perennial Value and Daintree Capital Investment Day, Stephen Bruce - Portfolio Manager discussed how the Australian economy will continue to prove to be a resilient market with many reasons why the outlook should be positive. ... The latter part of 2018 saw sharp falls on most global share markets. But what does 2019 hold in store? How will we fare locally? And where are the best investment opportunities? In this video John Murray - Managing Director will address all of these...

John Murray, Managing Director and Stephen Bruce, Director of Portfolio Management discuss why they believe it is now time to shift gears from momentum to value investing.

We are now into the ninth year of a bull market. In recent years, momentum and growth stocks have dominated markets whilst value stocks have struggled. John and Stephen will discuss why advisers and clients alike should give serious consideration to re-balancing portfolios towards a...

Perennial Value Management Head of Small & Micro Caps, Andrew Smith speaks with Tom Piotrowski about the recent earnings season, the outperformance of Small & Micro Cap stocks, and the fund’s resilience during the current market sell-off.

Perennial Value Managing Director John Murray sees calendar year 2018 as a turning point for value investing, with a switch out of momentum and growth stocks a logical move given stock prices and yields of value stocks.